1 Oak Try-out program

1 Oak Try-Out Program

1 Oak Scouting have announced dates for open tryouts for Semi - Proffessional players between the ages 16-25yrs for proffesional contract,  “We are excited to see new players and have organized this event to expand our talent identification efforts,” said 1 Oak Scouting Director Bob Maaskant. “We want to find young talent who can enter our organization, then work their way up to go for trials with top division teams across Europe.  Scouting for top division teams across the U.S and Europe gives us a chance to evaluate many different players: hidden gems that may not have agents, players without a fair chance in the past, first time pros, or young pros who are not under contract.  We want to make sure that everyone has a fair opportunity to be evaluated for a chance to earn a professional contract on our roster."

The technical staff will choose participants from the open tryouts for further evaluation. 1 Oak Scouting management will arrange a flight, hotel and food for the chosen players, who will train with our coaches during the week of their stay. We will select players from this training to extend their trials with professional clubs, for a chance to earn a professional contract:

January 17-18-19: Los Angeles, United States- REGISTER NOW!
April 23-24-25: Turin, Italy - REGISTER NOW!
May 7-8-9: Fayernoords, Netherlands - REGISTER NOW!
June 11-12-13: SC Braga, Portugal - REGISTER NOW!
July 17-18-19: Manchester, England - REGISTER NOW!
August 8-9-10: Innsbruck Austria - REGISTER NOW!
August 14-15-16: Dallas, United States- REGISTER NOW!
August 15-16-17: Valencia Spain - REGISTER NOW!
September 12-13-14: Bayreuth, Germany- REGISTER NOW!
October 5-6-7: Genk, Belgium - REGISTER NOW!
October 8-9-10: Lyon, France - REGISTER NOW!
October 22-23-24: Altanta, United States - REGISTER NOW!
December 4-5-6: Oslo, Norway - REGISTER NOW!

Full details for 1 Oak Scouting Open Tryouts are as follows
-To register, fill out the (Registration form A) and attach together with your birth certificate and proof of payment to evh@1oakscouting.com
-Participants must be male and between 18 - 25 years old.
-A full board accommodation with feeding will be provided for this specific event.   
-Your kickoff times will be emailed to you one week prior to the start of the open tryout date.

That should be no problem!! We will provide you with a letter of invitation and flight plus accommodation bookings from our international office so you can easily apply for one! Let us know when we can assist you with that! 
Write us a mail (evh@1oakscouting.com)